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Flexible installation without a drill Invisible night vision Full HD photos and videos Immediately operational SECACAM HomeVista mobile – sends photos in real time to your phone With the SECACAM HomeVista mobile, you can monitor what happens on your property... more

Flexible installation without a drill

Invisible night vision

Full HD photos and videos

Immediately operational

SECACAM HomeVista mobile – sends photos in real time to your phone

With the SECACAM HomeVista mobile, you can monitor what happens on your property in real time. Through the official app or your internet browser, you can see all the photos your camera has taken. The photos are sent to you using push notifications through your email or the app.

Two versions for your different needs

The HomeVista mobile has two different connectivity options. Depending on where you plan to use your camera, you will need to choose the correct option. If you plan to use your camera in Germany, Austria, and Belgium, then you will need to use the DE+AT+BE version. For the rest of the EU we offer a separate version. There is no difference in costs or customer service between the two versions. It is irrelevant where you are in the world, you will receive photos to your app or email, so long as you have an internet connection.

The HomeVista’s 100° wide-angle lens monitors six times the surface area

The HomeVista mobile’s 100° wide-angle lens can monitor very large areas. This leads to more photos taken and more photos sent. Through in-house testing, we have determined that the surveillance of animal feeding grounds and your garden is better done by the HomeVista’s sister model, the Raptor mobile, which has a 52° angle lens, as it takes fewer redundant photos.

However, the HomeVista mobile is unbeatable for surveillance in indoor areas, such as your garden shed or even on your terrace. When placed in the corner of a room or an area, the HomeVista will keep everything in view.

Simple and fast configuration

So that you can use your new trail camera right away, we have configured everything beforehand so that it is immediately operational after it is delivered to your home.

In order to connect your camera to your SECACAM user account, you will need to register via the website or the SECACAM app and enter the PIN number connected to your camera. After doing so, your camera is operational. There is no need to use a separate SIM card.

Photo packs - less than one cent per photo!

Only 0.99 €1

Only 4.49 €1

Only 7.49 €1

  • No sign-up fees
  • No user fees
  • No subscription fees
  • No minimum quotas
  • No contracts
  • You pay exclusively for the photo packs

Transparent prices and no monthly fees

Staying true to our motto, “Simple. Secure.” We decided to use a pre-paid system for our mobile cameras: When you purchase the camera, you are given a starting photo quantity of 100 photos . Once you have used these up, you can very easily purchase another photo pack through your user account in the Control Center either online or through the app. You have full control of your SECACAM mobile.

Please take note: Due to the fact that the photos are directly credited to your account, only direct payment methods, such as PayPal or credit cards will be accepted.

High resolution photos

With a photo resolution of 1024x768 pixels, the HomeVista mobile’s photos are a marked improvement from the photos sent by other cameras. The photos will be both sent to you through the Control Center and saved in their full size on the camera’s memory card. These will be saved at 5, 8 or 12 megapixels depending on your chosen settings.

You will be notified per email or through the Control Center app when a new photo has been taken. In the app and on the website, there are some additional setting features that you can adjust.

Your personal Control Center

You do not need any additional software to view the photos taken by your HomeVista mobile. You can access the Control Center very easily over the internet or through your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can view, delete, share and download your photos all through your user account.

You can sort your photos in different ways by giving each of your cameras a separate name. By doing so, you will also be able to see your cameras’ different battery levels, remaining memory, and your camera’s status (ON/OFF). It is very practical: in your Control Center, you will receive regular updates and new features for your SECACAM mobile cameras. All of these functions and features are of course provided through the SECACAM-App , which can be downloaded on your Apple iOS or Android devices.

See for yourself in our demo-account.

Many cameras and one central overview

It doesn’t matter how many SECACAM cameras you have operating; our house-developed SECACAM Control Center provides you with a central hub to manage all of your cameras. Regardless of where your cameras are, you can easily monitor them, whether you are at your desk at home, or on the road.

Switch your camera's send function on and off anytime

If you want to turn off your HomeVista mobile’s network connectivity, you can do so by moving the network switch into the off position. Once you have switched off mobile data, your camera will no longer send photos to the Control Center but will still be saved to the camera’s memory card.

Best network connectivity through roaming

Everyone knows about this from their smart phones: some areas have spottier network connectivity than others. To reduce this problem with your SECACAM mobile, we have taken a different path. The DE+AT- version can connect to both the Telekom and Vodafone networks. When you do a network scan, the camera switches to the network with the best connectivity in the camera’s location. The best thing about this is that there are no additional costs for switching.

Invisible surveillance in total darkness

The SECACAM mobile operates perfectly, even in total darkness. The 56 black LEDs illuminate your photos at night and the intelligent illumination control adjusts the camera flash to ensure the ideal brightness for each photo and to conserve your camera’s battery life.

The LEDs utilize the aptly named “no-glow” technology. This means that the flash has a wavelength of 940nm, which is in the infrared spectrum. This ensures that the flash is invisible to both animal and human detection.

The long battery life of up to six months and the camera’s weatherproof rating of IP 54 makes the camera ideal for the outdoors, as it is built to handle running water and keep out all forms of dust and dirt. This ensures that it can operate dependably over long periods of time.

Qualified and competent customer service in Cologne

We don’t just obsess over product quality. We also take care to provide the highest quality customer service that is informed and can provide you with the best recommendations regarding our products, in addition to having a simple ordering process and fast delivery time.

We offer you competent and free consultation with our friendly support staff based in Cologne. No call-centers and no long waiting times. You can speak directly with our staff who know the products both inside and out.

What is in your order?

The SECACAM HomeVista mobile comes with an 8 GB memory card , 8 already inserted Varta batteries , a mounting strap , a USB-cable to connect to your PC or laptop, in addition to a video cable to connect your camera to your television. Lastly, it comes with a comprehensive English language user-manual .

Additionally, we give you a free trial for the mobile service of 100 photo credits .

Technical data

Model SECACAM HomeVista mobile
Photo sensor 5.0 MP Standard, 12.0 MP (Interpolated)
Display 2" (TFT-LCD Farb Display)
Video resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
LEDs 56 Black-LEDs (940 nm invisible)
Reaction speed Ca. 0.4 seconds
Infrared Sensor PIR sensor, adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high)
Sensor-Range Up to 15 meters
Memory SD or SDHC up to 32 GB
Additional ports External power-supply, Mini-USB, TV-Out
Energy requirements 8x LR6 (AA) batteries oder 8x LR6 (AA) rechargeable batteries
Standby-time Up to 6 months
Measurements ca. 13.1 (H) x 9.8 (B) x 7.7 (T) cm
Weatherproof rating EU protection class IP 54

1We do not plan to change the prices of photo credit packages in the future. Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable and comprehensive options for photo credits. We ensure this by working closely with the major network providers. Due to this customer-friendly pricing, we do reserve the right to change the prices and network connections if our mobile service provision contracts change. Based on our assessment of the mobile connectivity costs in the past years, a change in price is unlikely. All prices already include the legally mandated sales tax.