SECACAM HomeVista Premium Pack

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SECACAM HomeVista - Premium Pack containing 8 GB SD card and 8 batteries Monitor your house, your garden and the woods with SECACAM. With its 100 ° wide angle lens, the HomeVista covers a large monitoring area. The Premium Pack comes with a camera fully equipped and pre-configured so you can... more

SECACAM HomeVista - Premium Pack containing 8 GB SD card and 8 batteries

Monitor your house, your garden and the woods with SECACAM. With its 100 ° wide angle lens, the HomeVista covers a large monitoring area. The Premium Pack comes with a camera fully equipped and pre-configured so you can get started right away.


Six-fold monitoring zone with 100 ° wide angle

The HomeVista is the ideal camera for monitoring the house and the vicinity. Thanks to its undistorted 100° field of view you can place the camera in corners without risking a blind spot. The HomeVista covers a surveillance area six times as large as that of a conventional 50° game camera. The SECACAM HomeVista is best used as a surveillance camera to survey wide areas such as large gardens, storage areas and clearings in the forest.


Turn the camera on and get started

The SECACAM HomeVista Premium Pack comes fully equipped with an 8 GB SD card and eight Varta batteries. As soon as your camera arrives, all you have to do is unwrap it and turn it on – that’s it! You can get started right away! We have already set the right date and time for you. As the camera menu and the well-illustrated, user-friendly operating instructions are completely in English, the adjustment of the functions is very easy.



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The secret guardian through "No-Glow" technology

The ideal solution for monitoring your property: Even if the SECACAM HomeVista shoots fully illuminated images, the recorded persons and animals will not notice anything. Behind the two black windows of the HomeVista we hid 56 Black LEDs, working with the No-Glow technology. These Black LEDs operate at a wavelength of 940 nm, so the flash cannot be seen by humans or animals.


Pin sharp recordings even in complete darkness

Capture impressive photos and videos with the native resolution of 5 megapixel of SECACAM HomeVista. Videos can be recorded in full HD (1080p) and with sound. Thanks to the bright black LEDS and the automatic exposure system, the motion blur is greatly reduced. So, sharp and detailed shots can be taken even at the darkest night without any other light sources. The illumination range of the black LEDs is up to 20 meters (65 feet). This way you can easily see what is happening in front of your SECACAM. This simplifies the hunting of criminals and the observation of animals.

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Further applications of the SECACAM

SECACAM HomeVista not only monitors your property, the house and forest areas. The camera has many more features. Turn time-lapse mode on to take photos in a freely definable time interval to cut time-lapse videos. Watch your garden during the seasons or pursue your house construction. Find out what your pets do when you are not at home. There are many different applications for your SECACAM.


Just run it

With the maximum standby time of six months and space for approximately 4000 photos on the 8 GB memory card; a SecCam is ideal for a long-term use. Choose overwrite mode to overwrite the oldest recordings, allowing new images to be taken, and thus, never having the fear that your SD card will get full. There is a time stamp on the bottom of each photo, so you will never be confused about what happened at what time. By the way, the moon phase will be imprinted in the images as well.


High definition Bilder

Top quality and service out of the Rhineland

We have set ourselves high standards. Not only do we offer you a high-quality product, but also want to provide you with an uncomplicated ordering process, fast delivery and the best customer support ever. Therefore, we decided to centralize all our departments in one location. Beautiful Cologne is the home of the SECACAM. Product development, quality assurance as well as the dispatch team and customer care all departments combined under one roof. Each SECACAM leaving our production site in Cologne has been gone through a quality check to ensure a perfect working product. In case you have any questions about your order, you can reach us through our toll-free (within Germany) customer service hot-line, which is operated just a door away from all other departments, or reach out to us online.


Delivery contents

With the SECACAM HomeVista Premium Pack, you get: An 8GB SD memory card, eight already inserted Varta batteries, a practical mounting belt, a USB cable to connect to the computer or laptop, a video cable to connect to the TV and an easy to understand, pictographic manual in English.

Technical details

Model SECACAM HomeVista
Image sensor 5.0 MP Standard, 8.0 MP (Interpolated), 12.0 MP (Interpolated)
Screen 2" (TFT-LCD color display)
Video resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
LEDs 56 Black-LEDs (940 nm invisible)
Shutter speed ca. 0.4 seconds
Infrared sensor PIR sensor, adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high)
Sensor range Up to 15 metres (approx. 50 feet)
Memory Card SD oor SDHC up to 32 GB
Connections External power supply, Mini-USB, TV-Out
Battery life 8x AA batteries or 8x rechargeable batteries
Standby-time Up to six months
Measurements ca. 13,1 (H) x 9,8 (W) x 7,7 (T) cm
Weather resisitance Protection class IP 54
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