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  • SC-000-081-60
SECACAM Pro Plus with SD card and batteries We took the advantages of our preceding cameras and then built upon that technology to create an even more innovative camera that is even more comfortable to use. This is the SECACAM Pro Plus. This surveillance and trail camera offers a... more

SECACAM Pro Plus with SD card and batteries

We took the advantages of our preceding cameras and then built upon that technology to create an even more innovative camera that is even more comfortable to use. This is the SECACAM Pro Plus. This surveillance and trail camera offers a number of new features and is designed for professional use. The photo quality and its dependability are exactly what you would expect from a SECACAM camera.

Robust and weathproof like never before

A stable, weatherproof camera housing is the defining feature of an outdoor surveillance camera. Just how weatherproof a device is, is decided by rigorous testing to determine its protection class. The SECACAM Pro Plus attained a protection class of IP66, meaning its housing is completely resistant to all forms of dust and strong running water. When it is mounted, it will survive even the wildest weather.

Optimal Night-Vision

The Pro Plus was developed using our tried-and-tested Dark-Motion-Freeze Technology, ensuring that it delivers only the sharpest night photos. With 60 LEDs, the Pro Plus has more LEDs than any of our preceding models. It’s automated lighting control system regulates the amount of light the camera emits per its surrounding environment, guaranteeing that your photos are never over-illuminated.

With built-in black LEDs, the flash of the Pro Plus is invisible to the naked eye of both people and animals. Your camera will remain hidden.

Includes practical remote-control

Using the remote-control, you can turn your SECACAM Pro Plus on and off at a distance of up to 6 metres. When you are leaving your house to go grocery shopping, you can just switch on your SECACAM Pro Plus with your remote-control to keep an eye on the garden for you while you’re gone. When you get back home and decide to do some gardening but don’t want to get a bunch of superfluous photos, just use the remote-control and turn it off!

Practical operation

Dialogue with our customers about their experiences with our cameras inspired us to make different design improvements on our cameras – the SECACAM Pro Plus has its display and operating panel on the front-side of the camera. This enables you to change the settings on your camera without having to take it down from where it’s mounted. Accordingly, it is significantly easier to position your camera and adjust its photo field by watching the live-display.

Backlighting on the operating buttons was also installed to assist you in using your camera at night.

Thoughtful Design: flexibility for installation

The SECACAM Pro Plus is conceptualized as an outdoor camera, and therefore must be able to operate in a multitude of environments. Through the numerous installation options on the back side of the camera, the SECACAM Pro Plus can be utilized in numerous settings. Included in these options is a mounting strap, which is useful for hanging your Pro Plus on trees.

The SEACAM Pro Plus can even be hung up using a nail. To create even greater flexibility, we have installed a second tripod thread on the top of the camera in addition to the one on the bottom to create more installation options than ever before. Furthermore, the camera is specially constructed to have a locking cable threaded through it, protecting your camera from theft.

Also new: The camera’s operating panel can be locked using a padlock.

Quickly and easily switch batteries

The SECACAM Pro Plus does not need to be uninstalled from its location to change the batteries. After opening the front panel of the camera, you can press the EJECT button to open the battery compartment, which will slide out on the bottom. You just need to switch out the batteries and then slide the compartment back into the camera until you hear it click.

Lightning fast reaction- and shutterspeed

With a shutter speed of 400 milliseconds, the SECACAM Pro Plus snaps photos of people or animals that walk by at lightning speed. Capitalizing on this feature, we have created a new camera mode – when taking photo series, you can choose to have all photos taken inside of a single second. This allows you to see even the smallest changes in movement between photos.

The Goldilocks zone: 80°-Angle-Lens

Can’t decide between the 52°-lens of the SECACAM Raptor or the 100°-wide-angle lens of the SECACAM HomeVista? The SECACAM Pro Plus finds the golden middle. The 80°-lens is really an all-purpose camera.

English user manual and english customer service

Your customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Therefore, we have developed a step-by-step English language user-manual where you can learn all of the SECACAM Pro Plus’s functions, settings and placement options. If you have any further questions, you can always email our customer service and we will be happy to answer your questions.


The SECACAM Pro Plus comes with an 8 GB memory card and 8 Varta batteries already installed, making it immediately operational. The remote-control also comes with a round-cell battery. Additionally, the camera is delivered with a mounting strap , a USB cable to connect to your computer, and an English-language user-manual. The time and date are also already programmed.

Technical Data

Model SECACAM Pro Plus
Resolution 5.0 MP Standard, 12.0 MP (Interpolation)
Display 6.35 cm (TFT-LCD color display)
Video resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
LEDs 60 Black-LEDs (940 nm invisible)
Reaction speed Approx. 0.4 seconds
Infrared Sensor PIR Sensor, with adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high)
Sensor-range up to 15 metres
Memory SD or SDHC up to 32 GB
External Ports External power-supply, mini-USB
Power supply 8x LR6 (AA) batteries or the rechargeable equivalents
Battery-life Up to six months
Measurments Approx. 13.1 (H) x 9.8 (W) x 7.7 (D) cm
Weatherproof rating Protection class IP 66
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