SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE 60°

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  • SEC-000-071-sc
Flexible installation without a drill Invisible night vision Full HD photos and videos Immediately operational Pro Plus mobile LTE - the trendsetting 4G wildlife camera We have given the comfortable Pro Plus mobile a new image sensor, a new chipset and a 4G... more

Flexible installation without a drill

Invisible night vision

Full HD photos and videos

Immediately operational

Pro Plus mobile LTE - the trendsetting 4G wildlife camera

We have given the comfortable Pro Plus mobile a new image sensor, a new chipset and a 4G transmitter module, resulting in a first-class camera for professional use that is packed with exciting features.

Actual network standard

Thanks to a 4G module, the camera transmits over the LTE network and so it ist significantly faster than 3G wild cameras or GPRS wild cameras. You also benefit from the high 4G coverage.

Of course, the camera is backwards compatible and can automatically log into the 3G and 2G network if no 4G network is available at the location.

High quality day and night shots

In the Pro Plus mobile for the first time our image sensor CMOS-33.5 is used. This makes day and night recordings noticeably sharper and richer in contrast - this applies to photos as well as especially to videos.

The 60 built-in black LEDs and the automatic illumination correction supplement the image sensor for impressive night shots. The flash is invisible for animals and humans.

Get pictures quickly on your smartphone

Not only do the photos have a higher quality, but thanks to the new chipset SC-63 they are also processed even faster: The photos are stored and can be sent really quick - an exciting feature especially for home surveillance!

An additional advantage: Due to the faster image processing, the camera can switch back to the energy-saving standby mode earlier and saves battery life.

Receive images in the whole EU

With the Pro Plus mobile LTE, we are moving away from our system with two SIM card versions to a simpler solution: there is now only one version for the entire EU. That means no matter in which EU country you use the Pro Plus mobile LTE - the camera will send you pictures.


No additional settings or additional costs are necessary; the costs for sending images are identical throughout the whole EU.

Save storage space and still see more

The new SC-63 chip also features intelligent image compression. With the same file size, the sent photos now have a resolution of 1920x1440 pixels, which is about 2.5 times higher. This allows you to see even more details without using more memory.


Super fast reaction and recording time

With a reaction time of only 400 milliseconds, the SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE reacts at lightning speed to all the people and animals it crosses. In addition, the mode sequence recording is available. If it is switched on, all photos are taken within one second. In this way, you can capture even the smallest movement sequences with photos.


Most comfortable housing

Thanks to the comfortable Pro body, you can make adjustments to your camera without removing it from its mount. The display is located on the front of the camera. This also makes it much easier to find the right position for the camera, as you can control the desired recording area live on the display.

For easier operation at night, the Pro Plus mobile is also equipped with illuminated menu buttons.

Sophisticated design: Incredibly flexible installation

The Pro Plus mobile can be attached in a variety of ways thanks to the numerous mounting options on the back. Included in the scope of delivery is the practical mounting strap, with which the camera can be easily placed on trees, for example.

For even more flexibility, a tripod can be screwed to the top or bottom of the camera. There is also a fixture for a cable lock, so that you can additionally protect your camera from thefts.

Quick and easy battery replacement

The Pro Plus mobile does not need to be removed to replace the batteries. After opening the front door, just press a button and the battery compartment will pop out of the camera. This battery compartment can be removed, replaced with new batteries, and pushed back into the camera. This way, even a permanent, fixed installation is no longer a problem for the SECACAM.

The best angle: 80°

Since the 80° shooting angle of the Pro is very well received by our customers, we continue to take the path of the perfect angle with the Pro Plus mobile LTE. The 80° lens makes it a real all-purpose talent.

English instructions and services

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. That is why you will find a detailed, english operating manual in the scope of delivery of the SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE, in which you will learn everything you need to know about functions, settings and possible applications. Should you still have questions or problems, our customer service will be happy to assist you by phone or e-mail.

Scope of delivery

The SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE contains a inserted 8 GB memory card and 8 batteries. So you can start immediately. The remote control is also already equipped with a suitable button battery. Also included are a practical mounting strap, a USB cable for connection to the computer or notebook and a German operating manual. The time and date are already set.


Technical Data

Model SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE
Bildsensor 5.0 MP Standard, 12.0 MP (Interpolation)
Display 6,35 cm (TFT-LCD Farbdisplay)
Video resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
LEDs 60 Black-LEDs (940 nm invisible)
Reaction speed Approx. 0,4 seconds
Infrared Sensor PIR Sensor, with adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high)
Sensor-range up to 15 metres
Memory SD or SDHC up to 32 GB
External Ports External power-supply, mini-USB
Power supply 8x LR6 (AA) batteries or the rechargeable equivalents)
Measurments Approx. 13.1 (H) x 9.8 (W) x 7.7 (D) cm
Weatherproof ratingt Protection class IP 66
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