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SECACAM Raptor –the premium package with 8 batteries and 4 GB memory card The SECACAM is the perfect camera to wirelessly monitor your garden, house and the woods. The Raptor sports a 52 ° angle of view and gets you really close to your subject. Order the Premium Pack with basic equipment... more

SECACAM Raptor –the premium package with 8 batteries and 4 GB memory card

The SECACAM is the perfect camera to wirelessly monitor your garden, house and the woods. The Raptor sports a 52 ° angle of view and gets you really close to your subject. Order the Premium Pack with basic equipment and start right away.

The safe all-rounder with a 52° angle lens

Its weather resistance, a wide range of mounting options, cordless operation and many other features enable a variety of possible applications. The diagonal 52° angle view coupled with a normal lens allows the camera to achieve ideal photographic results in a wide variety of shooting situations – whether you want to use the camera indoors or monitor objects far away.

Get started right away

When the Raptor arrives at your door step you just have to unwrap it, turn it on and you are ready to go! Eight already preinstalled Varta batteries, as well as an already inserted 4 GB memory card make it that easy! In addition, we have set the time and date (for most regions) and already preconfigured the most common settings so you can get start without trouble. Thanks to the clearly structured English language menu, as well as the pictographic user manual, changing the settings of functions to meet your needs is very easy.



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Capture detailed photos and videos – day and night

Never miss anything that is going on around your house again. The SECACAM Raptor has the ability to record photos and videos. The native photo resolution of the Raptor is 5 megapixels. Thanks to interpolation, taking photos with 8 and 12 megapixels is also possible. As for video sequences, you have the choice between VGA, HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p). With these high-resolution shots, catching burglars in the act as well as observing wildlife is made easy. Thanks to the bright Black LEDs and our “Dark Motion Freeze” technology, motion blur has been reduced to a minimum. The SECACAM Raptor delivers sharp and detailed shots within a range of up to 20 meters / 60 feet, even in the dark.


Invisible and undetectable due to Black LEDs

Perfect for monitoring house and property! Take high quality, well illuminated pictures and videos with your SECACAM Raptor. even at night, without people or animals in front of the camera taking notice of it. How it works? The solution is the built-in no-glow technology. Behind the large dark windows of the SECACAM Raptor located both above and below the lens are 56 Black LEDs emitting an infrared light pulse at a wave length of 940 nm. The flash is not visible to humans or animals. Furthermore, the camouflage pattern of the housing makes it easy to hide your SECACAM Raptor.

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Alternative applications

In addition to the monitoring of spaces and the securing of property, SECACAMs can be used in many different ways. With the built-in time-lapse video function, SECACAMs have the ability to shoot photos in a freely definable time interval, which can be cut into a time-lapse video. Follow your house being built or your garden plants while growing. Use your SECACAM to monitor your pets while you are gone or check if the neighborhood kids are messing with your car.


Perfect for long-term usage

Super handy: Position your SECACAM and only check for photos if it’s worthwhile. With a maximum standby time of 6 months, SECACAMs offer the best prerequisites for long term monitoring. A 4 GB memory card can host approx. 2000 pictures, and if you choose the overwrite mode (start overwriting the oldest with the newest images as soon as the memory card is full), you will never have to worry about storage space again. A time stamp on each photo shows you the date and time of capture of each shot to enable you to easily sort your pictures. For hunters and nature lovers the moon phase is shown on each image as well.


High definition Bilder

Best service and best quality from Germany

We would like to offer you a simple and impeccable experience from your order right through to the delivery and our SECACAM support. Our product development, quality assurance, shipping department and our customer service departments are all located in ONE location – directly in the heart of wonderful Cologne, Germany. In case you have any questions about your order, you can reach us through our toll-free (within Germany) customer service hot-line, which is operated just a door away from all other departments, or reach out to us online.


Use on delivery

The SECACAM Raptor premium pack includes: an already configured 8 GB memory card, 8 AA batteries, a mounting belt, a USB cable to connect to your computer, a video cable to connect to your TV, and an English user manual.

Technical data

Model SECACAM Raptor
Photo sensor 5.0 MP Standard, 8.0 MP (Interpolated), 12.0 MP (Interpolated)
Display 2" (TFT-LCD color display)
Video resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
LEDs 56 Black-LEDs (940 nm invisible)
Shutter speed ca. 0.4 seconds
Infrared Sensor PIR Sensor, adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high)
Sensor-Range Up to 15 meters (50 feet)
Memory card SD or SDHC up to 32 GB
Cable ports Charging port, Mini-USB, TV-Out
Batteries 8x Batterien LR6 (AA) or 8x LR6 (AA) rechargeable batteries
Standby-time Up to 6 months
Measurements ca. 13,1 (H) x 9,8 (W) x 7,7 (D) cm
Weather proof Protective class IP 54
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